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odds ‘n ends


ABOUT-LORILori Samuels claims she has never eaten a pb &j, yet salivates at the mere mention of candy corn. she finds the smell of books intoxicating, considers making spreadsheets one of her hobbies and laminates anything that isn’t nailed down. It is in the spirit of individuality that this self proclaimed odd bird has taken personal and professional accessories to new heights.

A graduate of northwestern university’s kellogg graduate school of management, Lori gave up the fast lane for the carpool lane, but always remained driven to someday spread her wings.

That opportunity came knocking in the fall of 2012 when she opened Colori, a bright spot on bustling mission street in San Marino, CA, known for its fresh selection of colorful accessories she handpicks from independent designers around the world. Lori soon found her popular boutique to be the perfect laboratory to create her own collection. She listened to her customers, analyzed trends and experimented with an array of accessories in a myriad of materials.

Using the most luxurious leathers and finest fabrics she’s created OneOddBird, a beautifully uplifting collection of accessories for women featuring unexpected color combinations and a wink of whimsy sewn into every piece. It’s the happy-go-luxury line of accessories and it’s landing in a store near you.